Economic Conditions of Lake City/Hinsdale County

The Small Business Development Center works to support small business owners.  We offer free counseling sessions.   To make these sessions more effective, pre-work is required.  Please print these forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your first counseling session (or fax or scan and email them if you session is scheduled by telephone).


Your answers can be concise.  If you don't know a question, simply state "don't know" and if the question doesn't apply, write in N/A.  You can also choose not to answer a question.   These documents are confidential and maintained securely in the SBDC office.  The SBA tracks hours of counseling, zip codes for geographic areas served and types of businesses served, plus economic impact.


Your business partner or spouse is welcome to accompany you to counseling sessions, however, we apologize we cannot accommodate children or pets.


If for any reason you need to change your appointment, please notify your counselor at least 36 hours in advance so that we can accommodate others.  We look forward to serving you.




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Small Business Development Center


Western State College of Colorado


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Economic Conditions for Lake City and Hinsdale County


Census Information


Lake City Resident Survey (June 2006)


Tourist Intercept Survey (Summer 2005)


Business Owner Survey (June 2005)


Lake City - Hinsdale County Community Plan (January 2006)



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