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Celebrate Lake City!

April 12th, 2016 at  the Armory

5:30 p.m. Join us for dinner and a cash bar to honor community contributors.  This event is held in conjunction with National Volunteer Awareness week!  Sponsored by Lake City DIRT and the Chamber of Commerce.  More than twenty nonprofit and  governmental organizations provide the additional amenities in our communities and an estimated 18,000 annual volunteer hours are contributed.  That is worth a big celebration!  See you  there.



Lake City DIRT's 2016 Annual Report

Lake City DIRT's 2015 Annual Report

Lake City DIRT's 2014 Annual Report

Lake City DIRT's 2013 Annual Report

DOLA's 2012 year-end review of the DIRT program

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Lake City DIRT's 2012 Annual Report

Lake City DIRT's 2011 Annual Report

Lake City DIRT's 2011 Year-end Report for the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)

Lake City DIRT's 2010 Year-End Report for Downtown Colorado Inc (DCI)

Lake City DIRT's 2010 Annual Report

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Lake City DIRT applied for and received a Graduate Assessment in September 2010 through a partnership with the Department of Local Affairs and Downtown Colorado Inc to provide insight towards a five-year strategic vision for the organization.


Executive Summary from Graduate Assessment

2011-2015 Strategic Action Plan, Revised 2013

Lake City DIRT has been identified as a contribution project in the Region 10 rural enterprise zone.  This means that private contributions made to DIRT will receive a 25% Colorado tax credit and in-kind contributions will receive a 12.5% Colorado tax credit.

Each committee relies on volunteers.  Visit each DIRT committee page to find out about projects and programs that need your volunteer help!

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities:

Economic Restructuring

  • Research successful affordable housing models in other rural communities.
  • Interview Lake City business owners and write “biographies”.
  • Draft short, informative pieces on the benefits of Buying Locally in Lake City.
  • Lake City has a high percentage of “senior businesses” – businesses that have been owned for more than 25 years by the same owner.  Research the impacts of this on our future and identify ways other communities have addressed this.
  • Identify additional outreach opportunities to bring teleworkers to Lake City and further distribute DIRT’s teleworking materials.
  • Gather ideas from other communities for Economic Restructuring planning meetings.


  • Be an ambassador for the Lake City area remotely by:
    •  Forwarding seasonal e-postcards to friends and family.
    •  Encouraging friends and family to contact the Chamber of Commerce
  •  Gather ideas from other communities for Promotion annual planning retreat.


  • Solicit business sponsorships for Lake City DIRT.
  • Festival and email contact information to DIRT.
  • Write grants and Letters of Intent to specific funders.
  • Write thank you notes to volunteers and donors.
  • Gather ideas from other communities for fund-raising events, volunteer recruitment & management, and nonprofit  management.


  • Identify sources of financial support to accomplish beautification projects.
  • Remotely help raise funds for the Youth Corps.
  • Assist with research and writing of interpretive signs, brochures, and displays.
  • Gather ideas from other communities for design and historic preservation.

DIRT Volunteer Handbook

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